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STUDIO IN:GRID is a Design Studio with focus on Branding & Visual Communication. After several years abroad, Graphic Designer & Art Director Ingrid Andersen decided to build her own Graphic Design Studio on the South Coast of Norway in her hometown Fredrikstad. Ingrid has gained work experience as a Designer in cities such as Milan, Barcelona & Byron Bay – and because of that STUDIO IN:GRID is now fortunate to be working with clients all around the world. The studio is not bound by location, but driven by a passion for growing an international client portfolio!

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Ingrid is a creative thinker, master organiser & detail oriented designer who thrives for simplicity.

Founder & Creative Director Ingrid Andersen is a Norwegian Designer with a double Bachelor Degree, specialized in Graphic Design & Art Direction. With her many years of experience as Chief Graphic Designer & Art Director she has worked for well recognised international brands such as PDPAOLA Jewelry & Arnhem Clothing.

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